Eating Disorder Recovery Group Facilitators


The Eating Disorders Recovery Group has one facilitator and one co-facilitator. It is recognized within the group that the facilitators are not the “experts” and their primary responsibility is to ensure that the group is a safe place for their members.

Responsibilities within the Group

  • make decisions about how the group will function
  • make decisions regarding group exercises, activities, guest speakers, etc., that can be beneficial to the group members.
  • make decisions regarding placement of brochures, information packages, presentations and advertising.
  • handling of finances
  • ensure that group members adhere to the rules of the group.

Responsibilities to the Members

  • facilitators will only discuss group members amongst themselves if they are concerned about a member and their health (i.e. discuss what we can do to help, speak with member about concerns, suggest seeing doctor, therapist, etc.)
  • if conflict arises among any members, facilitators will step in to help resolve the conflict.
  • if a member is not ready for the group (i.e. competing with other members, discussing weight loss methods, ignoring group rules, etc.), facilitators will confront that person and kindly tell them that they are probably not ready for the group and explain to them why.
  • if a member appears suicidal or states they are suicidal, facilitators will step in to ensure the safety of the member by the following: – member will not be allowed to leave meeting alone and will be taken to a family member or the hospital – if member refuses the above, police will be called to step in to help ensure that person’s safety.
  • facilitators will also check in with each other from time to time to make sure they are feeling comfortable with their role. This is done in order to make sure that neither one is feeling burned out, overwhelmed, etc.

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