I would like to thank all the web sites and individuals who presented this website with these awards. It was truly an honor to receive each one.

Mental Health Net Award

International Foster Parents Pages Care Award

Web Psychological Club Award

Leading Learning Fountain Award

Golden Banner Award

Gold Cup Award

Web Wizardry Award

Look Smart Editor’s Choice

Elite of the Web Award

Best International Award

Lady Shel’s Shining Star Award

Heart and Souls Elite Award

Winner of weekly personal web page on Canada AM Surf City January 14, 1997

Angel Award

Haywire Productions Cool Site Award

Tahlia’s Pooh Bear Award of Healing

LearnLinx Bronze Award

Couragous Site Award

Healthy Way Award

StudyWeb Excellence Award

Team Creations Award

I Love Your Site Award

Orchid Award for Page Excellence

Award of Excellence

Nicholas’ Award of Excellence From Heaven

Caring Heart on the Web Award

Heart Touching Site Award

Cyndy’s Award of Excellence

A Touch of Heaven Award

Bobby’s Award of Excellence

Child of Heaven Loves My Site Award

Marc’s Awwww! Award

White Wolf Award For a Caring Heart

Pooh’s Award of Excellence

Spreading Angal Love Award

Pale Reflections Award for Survivor’s Wall

Grant Me The Serenity Award

Medinex Health Site

Bruce’s Award of Courage for Being Prepared to talk about it.

Suite 101 Best of the Web Award

Grohol Psych Central Award


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Colleen Thompson