Self Esteem Activities

There are a number of self esteem activities you can use to boost your self esteem. Even if you normally have a pretty healthy self esteem, self esteem building activities can nurture your sense of self-worth and help keep you emotionally healthy.

Self Esteem Building Activities

There are many different self esteem activities you can do. Look over the following list and see which ones appeal to you. Don’t just try the ones that feel most comfortable, though. Sometimes it’s good to challenge ourselves, and experiencing success at something new is actually a good way to help build self esteem.

  • Make a list of your accomplishments. Include big things, like graduating from college or starting a successful business, and little things, like finishing your spring cleaning or learning to knit. Read over your list whenever you feel your self esteem could use a boost.
  • Learn something new. It doesn’t have to be a big thing like learning to speak Chinese. It can be as simple as learning to cook a new dish.
  • Volunteer somewhere. Doing something to help others often boosts self esteem, plus it may give you the opportunity to learn a new skill as well.
  • Practice accepting compliments graciously. The next time someone compliments you, look them in the eye, really listen to what they say, smile and say thank you.
  • Do something nurturing for yourself. Treat yourself to a long bubble bath, get a massage or fix yourself your favorite meal for dinner.
  • Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself. Limit your contact with negative people or people that are overly critical or always put you down.

When to Do Self Esteem Activities

Self Esteem Activities

It’s actually a good idea to do some activities that build self esteem on a regular basis, even if you feel your self esteem is good. Think of it as being similar to taking a vitamin. You don’t take a vitamin to cure an illness, you take it to prevent illness.

If you’re feeling down about yourself, that’s a good time to engage in activities that boost self esteem, of course. If you’re already in the habit of doing some of these activities, though, you’ll find it easier to get involved in them when you’re feeling down.

If you suffer from a condition like depression or an eating disorder, practicing activities that build self esteem may be a useful component of your treatment.

Are Self Esteem Building Activities Really Effective?

Self esteem building activities are effective for many people, but they may not be enough for some. It will depend on the degree of your self esteem issues. Also, you may find some activities are more helpful for you than others; not all activities will be equally effective for everyone.

People with psychological conditions like depression or eating disorders may benefit from self esteem building activities but these activities are not a treatment for those conditions. If you suffer from depression or an eating disorder, you need professional treatment. You can discuss activities to build your self esteem with your mental health care provider.

For More Information on Self Esteem Activities

You can find more information on self esteem activities online or in self-help books. If you are really concerned about your self esteem, you can make an appointment with a professional counselor. A good counselor can suggest other activities that might help build your self esteem and help you assess the effectiveness of these activities. A good counselor can also assess you for signs of serious conditions like depression, anorexia and bulimia.


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