Self Esteem Questionnaire

Self Esteem QuestionnaireThis simple self esteem questionnaire can help you assess your self esteem. Taking a regular self esteem assessment can be helpful in monitoring your overall mental health and sense of wellbeing, although it should be understood that poor self esteem does not necessarily mean you have poor mental health.

Learning about any self esteem issues you may have allows you to address them, though, which should improve your mental health and sense of well-being. If you are concerned about your self esteem, you can seek help addressing the issues from a professional counselor.

How to Use This Self Esteem Questionnaire

You can complete this questionnaire for you own benefit. You can keep your responses private and just use the questions as a way of getting you to think about your self esteem. You can use the questions as prompts for journal writing if you like. Or, you can take this questionnaire with you to your next counseling appointment if you are in counseling and discuss the results with your counselor.

If you are concerned about the results or if the results indicate you have a problem with self esteem, you can consider scheduling an appointment with a counselor if you are not already in counseling.

Self Esteem Questionnaire

Answer true or false to these self esteem assessment questions. If you wish, you can write about your answers in a journal.

  1. I am a worthwhile person.
  2. I like myself.
  3. I feel comfortable with my body.
  4. I look people in the eye when I meet them.
  5. I am competent at work and/or school.
  6. When I set my mind to something, I can usually accomplish it.
  7. I am as capable as most other people.
  8. I do not feel guilty very often and do not blame myself for things that aren’t really my fault.
  9. I am not afraid to try new things.
  10. I am a person of equal value to others.

Results of the Self Esteem Questionnaire

If you answered “true” for at least eight of these self esteem assessment questions, you probably have a healthy self esteem. If you are concerned about any of the questions for which you answered “false,” you can take steps to address them, but it’s normal to have some doubts about ourselves sometimes or to dislike something about ourselves at times.

If you answered “true” for five to seven of these self esteem assessment questions, you may have some issues with your self esteem. We suggest taking a good long look at how you really feel about yourself and considering whether or not your appraisal of yourself is accurate. You might want to ask a trusted friend or a counselor for their opinion.

If you answered “true” for three or four of these self esteem assessment questions, it is time to be concerned about your self esteem. Most likely you do not have a realistic view of yourself. You have probably been experiencing some stress, depression and/or anxiety. We recommend you make an appointment with a professional counselor. A counselor can assess the situation and make recommendations for improving your self esteem.

If you answered “true” for two or fewer questions on the self esteem questionnaire, we are quite concerned about your mental health. We cannot tell you if you have a mental health disorder, but we can tell you that you are at risk for serious mental health disorders like depression, anxiety disorders and eating disorders. We encourage you to make an appointment with a professional counselor as soon as you can. A counselor can assess you for things like depression and eating disorders and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan.


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