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Anorexia Nervosa: Finding-0 the Life Line by Patricia Stein, R.D., M.A. & Barbara Unell – CompCare Publishers, Minnesota 1986   ISBN 0-8963884-X
This book offers an intimate point of view-that of several recovered anorexics. Included is information on causes, incidence, effects, treatment, overviews by a psychiatrist and endocrinologist, and suggestions for increased awareness and prevention.

Anorexia Nervosa: A Guide to Recovery by Lindsey Hall and Monika Ostroff – Gurze Books, 1999
ISBN 0-936077-32-8

A compassionate, understanding companion on the journey through recovery.   This books offers a combination of factual information, Monika’s story of abuse and recovery from a ten year battle with anorexia, insights from others who have recovered, practical suggestions for recovery and staying committed, a special section for loved ones, and much more.

Anorexia Nervosa and Recovery: A Hunger for Meaning by Karen Way, M.A.
Through the voices of twenty-one women, Way presents a highly readable, complete, and compassionate picture of anorexia nervosa, particularly the complex individual variables and obstacles in the journey to recovery.

Appearance Obsession: Learning to Love the Way You Look by Joni E. Johnston, Psy.D.
This book helps readers assess the degree to which society’s obsession with looks is affecting them, and offers practical ways to balance self-improvement and self-acceptance. Emphasis on the prevention of eating disorders.

Are You Too Fat Ginny? by Karen Jasper – Five Press, Ontario
The story of a young girl who feels pressured to diet, but discovers better ways to feel good about herself.

Beginning To Heal – A First Book for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis – Harper Perennial, NY 1993   ISBN 0-06-096927-X
The book offers hope, support, and guidance for all survivors starting the healing journey. Takes you through the key stages of the healing process, from remembering and crisis times, to breaking the silence, grief, and anger, to resolution and moving on.

Beyond Don’t – Dreaming Past the Dark by Elly Danica – Gynergy Books, 1996
ISBN 0-921881-40-1
This book addresses the multi-layered reality of child sexual abuse. Elly Danica shares her life, her struggles, her insights, and much more.

Beyond the Food Game: A Spiritual Approach to Healing Emotional Eating by Jane E. LatimerLive Quest Publishing, CO 1993  ISBN 1-882109-01-5
The feelings of powerlessness caused by any kind of food abuse can seep into all areas of life. This book offers readers psychological tools and spiritual perspectives to help them experience their own healing powers and feel centered again.

The Body Betrayed: A Deeper Understanding of Women, Eating Disorders, and Treatment by Katheryn J. Zerbe, M.D. – Gurze Books, 1995    ISBN 0-936077-23-9
This book covers all aspects of diagnosis and treatment using stories about individuals who have valiantly, though often at fist reluctantly, engaged in recovery.

Body Love: Learning to Like Our Looks and Ourselves by Rita Freedman, Ph.D. – Harper & Row, New York 1988
This is a strong guide for women who want to become less critical of their appearance, less preoccupied with weight, and more in love with themselves.

Body Traps by Dr. Judith Rodin – William Morrow and Company, NY 1992
ISBN 0-688-08843-0
This book explores how negative beliefs and feelings about our bodies resonate in other aspects of our lives. Dr. Rodin describes the Shame Trap, Food Trap and Fitness Trap.

Boundaries: Where you End and I Begin by Anne Katherine – Parkside Publishing, NY 1991   ISBN 0-671-79193-1
This book explains what healthy boundaries are, how to recognize if your personal boundaries are being violated, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating by Geneen Roth – New American Library, NY 1984
Roth offers practical ways to recognize the signals of physical hunger, eat without distraction, know when to stop, kick the scale-watching habit, withstand pressures, and many other strategies.

Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery by Lindsey Hall and Leigh Cohn
This book offers a complete understanding of bulimia and a plan for recovery. It includes a two-week program to stop bingeing, things-to-do instead of bingeing, a guide for support groups, specific advice for loved ones, and “Eat Without Fear”, Hall’s story of self-cure which has inspired thousands of other bulimics.

The Carpenters – The Untold Story by Ray Coleman – Harper Collins, 1994
ISBN 0-06-018345-4

Ray Coleman, who has known the Carpenters since their earliest successes, investigates every aspect of how Richard and Karen arrived a their unique sound. He focuses on their exceptional interaction and examines the difficulties that came with fame, contributing in part to Karen’s shocking death from anorexia nervosa in 1983 at the age of 32.

Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen – Health Communications Inc, FL 1993    ISBN 1-55874-262-X
Contains 101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit.

A Child Called “It” – An Abused Child’s Journey from Victim to Victor by David Pelzer – Health Communications, FL 1995   ISBN 1-55874-366-9
An unforgettable account of one of the most sever child abuse cases in California history. It is the story of Dave Pelzer, who was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother. This compelling story will awaken you to the truth about child abuse – and the ability we all have to make a difference.

The Courage to Be Yourself: Growing Beyond Emotional Dependence by Sue Patton Thoele – Conari Press, Berkeley, CA 1988   ISBN 0-943233-25-9
This guide is a powerful support for women who want to recognize and heal fears, stand up for themselves, communicate effectively, and be a loving and tolerant friend to themselves and others.

The Courage To Change – Personal Conversations About Alcoholism with Dennis Wholey –Houghton Mifflin Company, MA 1984   ISBN 0-395-35977-5
Dennis Wholey has collected some powerful and frightening stories from alcoholics. Their stories portray the eventual nightmare of drinking, the quitting and now happiness.

Dance Naked in Your Living Room: Handling Stress and Finding Joy by Rebecca Radcliffe – Ease Publications, MN 1997    ISBN 0-9636607-0-5
This book discusses living in a stressful world and provides creative strategies for handling stress.

The Deadly Diet: Recovering from Anorexia & Bulimia by Terence J. Sandbek, Ph.D – New Harbinger Publications Onc, CA 1993
This book helps you to control your internal voice, overcome your eating disorder, maintain reasonable eating habits and gain self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Dear Cherry: Questions and Answers on Eating Disorders by Cherry Boone O’Neill – Continuum Publishing, NY 1985    ISBN 0-8264-0357-3
This book contains letters from her readers and her detailed responses. She also proviced information about eating disorders.

Desperately Seeking Self – A Guidebook for People with Eating Disorders by Viola Fodor – Gurze Books, CA 1997    ISBN 0-936077-28-X
This book is a guidebook designed to help you to get on a self-healing path. It uses a unique and dynamic approach – a dialogue between a client and a therapist – to offer a vision of human nature which includes the spiritual dimension.

Don’t: A Women’s Word by Elly Danica – Gynergy Books, 1996    ISBN 0-921881-05-3
In this book Elly Danica, an incest survivor, breaks her silence and reveals the abuse she suffered throughout her childhood and the effects it had on her life.

Door of Hope – Recognizing and Resolving the Pains of Your Past by Jan Frank – Thomas Nelson Publishers, TN 1995   ISBN 0-7852-7966-0
A powerful story of inspiration, restoration and a journey toward wholeness. It is hope for victims and also provides a special section featuring answers to questions most often asked by abuse victims and those who love them.

Enlightened Eating: Understanding and Changing Your Relationship with Food by Rebecca Ruggles Radcliffe
This is a workbook collection of 66 short, simple, practical, and insightful articles-each with a self-help exercise-for readers who want to understand and change their eating patterns.

Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters and Food by Margo Maine, Ph.D.
This book is the emptiness experienced by women whose fathers were emotionally absent, a void that leads to unrealistic body image, yo-yo dieting, food fears and disordered eating patterns.

Feeding The Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Eating by Geneen Roth
A widely respected, extremely readable book. It is an intimate, vulnerable sharing of experiences which continues to touch and change lives.

Food Fight: A Guide to Eating Disorders for Preteens and Their Parents, by Janet Bode; Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,   ISBN 0-689-80272-2
Food Fight is a compassionate but practical look at how preteens, teens and their parents come to understand and deal with disordered eating–from battles of will to massage therapy, from stress reduction via yoga and tai chi to insurance issues over experts’ fees.

French Toast for Breakfast by Mary Anne Cohen – Gurze Book, 1995
ISBN 0-936077-22-0

This book is a guide to understanding the emotions which underlie all kinds of eating problems including compulsive eating, chronic dieting, bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

Full Lives: Women Who Have Freed Themselves from Food and Weight Obsessions by Lindsey Hall – Gurze Books, 1993    ISBN 0-936077-26-3
This book is set at a dinner party with sixteen extraordinary women who have overcome food and weight obsessions.

The Gift of Fear – Survival Signals The Protect Us From Violence by Gavin De Becker – Little, Brown and Company, 1997   ISBN 0-316-23502-4
Gavin De Becker is the nation’s leading expert on predicting violent behaviors. In this book he shows that you can already predict violent behavior. He lays out the pieces of the human violence puzzle and show how you can solve it by paying attention to the subtle-and sometimes blatant-signals of intuition. This book will help you separate real from imagined danger, give you confidence in a sometimes threatening world, and make your life measurably safer.

The Golden Cage: The Enigma of Anorexia Nervosa by Hilde Brunch, M.D – Harvard University Press, London 1978
A classic examination of anorexia nervosa. This book is informative and insightful reading for anyone concerned with anorexia-parents, teachers, school counselors, doctors, even potentional anorexics and actual anorexics themselves.

Healing and Memories by David A. Seamands –Victor Books, 1985   ISBN 0-89693-169-2
Author shows how God’s healing power can free you from the tyranny of painful memories which affect your behavior and Christian growth. Pastors and counselors will discover when and how to use this form of therapy.

Healing For Damaged Emotions: Recovery from the Memories That Cause Our Pain by David A Seamands. – Chariot Victor Publishing, 1991   ISBN 0-89693-938-3
Discusses damaged emotions, guilt, grace and debt-collecting, healing low self-esteem and much more. This book has helped thousands of readers deal honestly and successfully with their inner hurts.

Healing The Child Within by Charles L. Whitfield, M.D. – Health Communications Inc, Deerfield, FL 1987    ISBN 0-932194-40-0
Dr. Whitfield describes the journey of discovery and healing our fears, confusion and unhappiness. This book begins where many others describing adult children of alcoholics have left off.

Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse – A Sensitive, biblical guide for counselors, victims and families by Lynn Heitritter and Jeanette Vought – Bethany House Publishers, MN 1989 ISBN 0-87123-930-2
This book contains three sections that covers understanding the abused child, understanding the abusive family and helping the adult victim.

Hope For The Troubled Heart by Billy Graham – Word Publishing, TX 1991
ISBN 0-85009-530-1

Dr. Billy Graham has written this book, drawing on the accumulated wisdom and experience of a lifetime of ministry, and illustrating is points with examples of very present-day hurts and how people have coped with them.

The Hungry Self: Women, Eating & Identity by Kim Chernin – Random House, NY 1985
This book explores the often troubled relationship between mothers and daughters, and the association between women, eating, and the struggle for a new, female identity.

If Only My Family Understood Me by Don Wegscheider – Comp Care Publishers, MN 1979   ISBN 0-89638-038-6
Don Wegscheider uses a “whole person” approach to whole healthy families developed during his thirteen years of experience as a family counselor, a city human services director and in the ministry.

It’s Not Your Fault: Overcoming Anoreixa and Bulimia Through Biopsychiatry by Russell Marx, M.D. – Villard Books, New York 1991
For the millions of people that suffer from anorexia and bulimia, Russell Marx, M.D. offers a revolutionary new treatment approach directed to both sufferers and their families.

A Journey Through Grief by Alla Renee Bozarth, Ph.D – Hazeldon, MN 1990
ISBN 1-56838-037-2

This book sensitively brings a message of assurance, comfort and hope. Dr. Bozarth will tell you what to expect, what to do, and what to think. She will help you to understand the physical symptoms of grieving, and to express what the loss really means to you.

Like Mother, Like Daughter – How Women Are Influenced by Their Mothers’ Relationship with Food and How to Break the Pattern by Debra Waterhouse, M.PH, RD. – Hyperion, NY 1997   ISBN 0-7868-6167-3
This book celebrates being a woman, honors the strength of the mother-daughter bond, and show us how to create a legacy of healthier food and body relationships free of dieting, control, body dissatisfaction, and guilt – and full of trust, pleasure, satisfaction, and good health.

Living Binge Free: A Personal Guide to Victory over Compulsive Eating by Jane E. Latimer – Living Quest, 1988   ISBN 0-882109-00-7
This book contains guidelines for overcoming compulsive eating, addressing; denial, underlying issues, setting priorities, challenging beliefs, exploring feelings, spiritually, and tools for change. Drawing on her own experiences with bulimia and compulsive eating, Latimer has written a powerful book of wisdom and hope.

Living On Empty – How Intimacy with God and Others Transformed My Relationship with Food by Mary Jane Hamilton – Victor Books, 1994   ISBN 1-56476-391-9
A woman discusses how intimacy with God and others transformed her relationship with food.

Living On The Border of Disorder by Cherry Boone O’Neill and Dan O’Neill – Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, MN 1992    ISBN 1-55661-262-1
This book provides insight on how to avoid becoming another victim in the emotional earthquake of an addictive person’s life. By cultivating healthy attitudes and strategies toward that person, it is possible to regain control and balance, while providing the disordered man or woman with a positive environment for healthy change.

Living Without Fear: Meeting Life Head-On With Zest and Confidence by Lloyd Ogilve – Word Publishing, 1987,    ISBN 0-8499-0613-X
Here are 12 powerful, realistic steps you can take to rid yourself of your fears – not just hidden phobias, but the small, common anxieties that invade your thinking, attitudes, and relationships and keep you from living life to its fullest. Provides practical therapy that can free you from fear and enable you to meet life with newfound energy and confidence.

The Long Road Back: A Survivor’s Guide to Anorexia by Judy Tam Sargent, R.N., M.S.N. – North Star Publications, MA  ISBN# 1-880823-19-5
This is a personal story of Judy’s ten-year struggle with anorexia and her struggle to overcome it.  It is an honest look at her journey through recovery, what did not help and what did help her.

Making Peace With Food: Freeing Yourself from the Diet-Weight Obsession by Susan Kano – Perennial Library, NY 1989
This workbook is designed to help anyone who experiences compulsive eating, “yo-yo” dieting, food and body anxiety, or associated eating disorders.

Memory and Abuse – Remembering and Healing the Effects of Trauma by Charles L. Whitfield, M.D. – Health Communications, FL 1995   ISBN 1-55874-320-0
Dr. Whitfield brings his clinical experience and knowledge about traumatic memory to examine, explore and clarify this critical issue that threatens to invalidate the experience of survivors of trauma and handcuff the helping professional who assist them as they heal. This thorough, insightful work provides crucial information for anyone affected by a traumatic experience.

The Monster Within: Overcoming Bulimia by Cynthia Joye Rowland – Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI 1984
This book is not only an account of Rowland’s battle to overcome bulimia, but about people with their own “monsters” who helped her to become truly alive for the first time in her life.

No Visible Wounds by Mary Susan Miller, Ph.D. – Ballantine Books, NY 1995
ISBN 0-449-91079-2

The author of this book breaks the silence that surrounds this devastating form of domestic violence. She identifies the many types of nonphysical abuse – verbal, emotional, psychological, social, and economic – and explores why this outrageous treatment of women continues unabated in our society.

Nourishing Wisdom: A Mind-Body Approach to Nutrition and Well-Being by Marc David
This book is for readers who want to explore in depth how their relationships with food mirrors their relationship with life itself. It’s an inspiring reminder that the choice to eat is a fundamental act of love and nourishment.

On The Edge of Darkness: Conversations about Conquering Depression by Kathy Cronkite – Doubleday, NY 1994   ISBN 0-385-42194-X
Psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical researchers explain in detail how the disease operates in the body, how it is treated, and what the current research is discovering about the mind-body connection.

Overcoming Depression by Demitri Papolas, MD and Janice Papolas – Harper Perennial, 1992   ISBN 0-06-055303-0
Clearly and sympathetically, this book presents state-of-the-art medical information and solid practical advice that empowers patients and their families to participate actively in diagnosis and treatment.

Overcoming Overeating by Jane R. Hirschmann & Carol Munter – Addison-Wesley, Mass 1988
This book offers realistic guidance out of the good food/bad food, diet/binge, punishment/reward nightmare. It emphasizes three steps: freeing yourself from diets, feeding yourself on demand, and finding yourself.

Perfectionism: What’s Bad about Being Too Good? by Miriam Adderholdt-Elliot Ph.D – Free Spirit Publishing Inc., Minneapolis 1987    ISBN 0-915793-07-5
This book is about knowing the difference between doing your best and overdoing it. It emphasizes that self-worth is rooted in who you are, not how well you do or what you look like.

Real Gorgeous – The Truth about Body and Beauty by Kaz Cooke – W.W. Norton & Co., NY 1996    ISBN 0-393-31355-7
A funny, reassuring book about fashion fibs and diet myths – and the truth about push ups, push up bras, and the great cellulite scam. It takes a hard look at lies and beauty tips. Packed with jokes, Kaz’s own cartoons, and practical ways to find real self-esteem and avoid freak-outs and rip-offs.

The Recovery Book by Al J. Mooney, MD, Arlene Eisenberg and Howard Eisenberg-Workman Publishing, NY 1992       ISBN 1-56305-084-6
A life-saving guide that answers all the questions and concerns of recovering alcoholics and addicts.

Restore Your Life – A Living Plan for Sober People by Anne Giller, MD – Bantam Books, 1991    ISBN 0-553-07153-X
A comprehensive guide available to the gamut of issues faced by recovering people: from health and nutrition to stress, sex, family and work. The author offers advice on what life-style changes will guide you through the first year of sobriety- and for all the years to come.

Revolution From Within: A Book of Self-Esteem by Gloria Steinem – Little, Brown and Company, 1992    ISBN 0-316-81240-4
This book underlines the importance of “un-learning” and of disrespecting the educations that so often disrepect us; offers practical ways of voyaging inward to learn from the unique knowledge within each of us; and mends the body-mind split by underscoring the wisdom that comes from out bodies.

The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth by M. Scott Peck, MD – Touchstone Book, 1978    ISBN 0-671-24086-2
This is a book that can show you how to push back the limits that have hemmed you in. This is a book about embracing reality and achieving serenity and fullness in one’s existence.

Self-Esteem Comes in All Sizes by Carol A. Johnson
This book emphasizes that weight is not a measure of self-worth , and that the words “healthy and thin” are not necessarily synonymous. Every page is filled with practical ideas for building a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Self Esteem – Tools For Recovery by Lindsey Hall and Leigh Cohn – Gurze Books, CA 1990  ISBN 0-936077-08-5
Gaining self-esteem is addressed in this book with twenty, short, specific “tools”, easy-to-use exercises, and examples that come to life.

Sexual Assault: Will I Ever Feel Okay Again?: One Woman’s Personal Journey to Wholeness and a Personal Guide for Other Victims, Family and Friends by Kay Scott – Bethany House Publishers, MN 1993   ISBN 1-55661-325-3
This book contains a personal story, common questions, stages of recovery and common feelings following sexual violence. The focus of this book is emotional and spiritual recovery.

Somebody To Love: A Guide to Loving the Body You Have by Leslea Newman – Third Side Press, Chicago 1991
An intimate book of activities to enable women to explore and conquer their issues with body image and eating. Its personal approach and direct language make the written assignments, exercises, and stories particularly encouraging and effective.

Stop The Insanity by Susan Powter – Simon & Schuster, NY 1993    ISBN 0-671-79599-8
Susan Powter shares her practical and proven program designed for women of all ages, weights and fitness levels. She provides an inspirational and prescriptive guide for health and fitness, for changing the way you look and feel.

Surviving an Eating Disorder: Perspectives and Strategies for Family and Friends by Michelle Siegel, Ph.D., Judith Brisman, Ph.D., and Margot Weinshel, Ph.D. – Harper & Row Publishers, NY, 1988  ISBN 0-06-091553-6
Parents, spouses, and friends of individuals with eating disorders will find practical guidelines in this book for helping themselves and their loved ones. The authors examine the psychological components of anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating, as well as the family contexts in which they develop.

Undoing Depression – What Therapy Doesn’t Teach You and Medication Can’t Give you by Richard O’Connor, Ph.D. – Little Brown and Company, 1997    ISBN 0-316-62643-0
Dr. O’Connor, a psychotherapist who has personally struggled with and overcome depression himself, teaches you how to unlearn the “skills of depression” and replace them with healthier, more adaptive ways of being.

Walking A Thin Line by Pam Vredevelt and Joyce Whitman – Mullnomah Press, Oregon 1985
This book offers a lifeline through principles offered in real-life case studies, exercises in self-understanding, and sound biblical counsel.

When Food is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy by Geneen Roth – New American Library, NY 1991
In this book, Roth explores similarities between eating and loving such as fantasizing, wanting “the forbidden”, creating drama, control issues, and the experience of relationships.

When Girls Feel Fat – Helping Girls Through Adolescence by Sandra Friedman – Harper Collins Publishers Ltd., 1997    ISBN 0-00-638561-3
This book provides clear and proven strategies to deal with conflict, to recognize that “worries about weight” can lead to more serious problems, to maintain a connection when girls “tune out” and to deal with “the grungies”. This book will help parents and mentors guide girls into healthy, confident womanhood.

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Manuel J. Smith, PhD – Bantam Books, 1975
ISBN 0-553-26390-0

A book with revolutionary new techniques that help you to say “No” and to not feel guilty.

When Love is Not Perfect – Discover God’s Re-Parenting Process by Marie Sontag – Aglow Publications, WA 1991   ISBN 0-932305-85-7
Provides a biblical framework to help survivors experience God’s re-parenting process. Written from a survivor’s viewpoint, this book covers the emotional, social and psychological aspects of recovery, as well as the spiritual dimension.

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies by Jane Hirschmann and Carol Munter – Ballantine Books, NY 1995   ISBN 0-449-90680-9
This book explores the myriad reasons why women cling to diets despite overwhelming evidence of their ineffectiveness. This is a revolutionary book for women who want to free themselves from body hatred and the dieting it spawns.

Why Weight?: A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating by Geneen Roth
Contains 80+ exercises to show compulsive eaters how to stop using food as a substitute for handling difficult emotions or situations, enjoy eating, recognize the difference between physical and emotional hunger, uncover weight conflicts, and much more.

Winning Over Pain, Fear and Worry by John Haggai – Inspirational Press, NY 1991
ISBN 0-88486-041-8

Dr. Haggai presents a winning formula for facing life’s hardships and your personal doubts by finding strength in the power and love of God. A guide to overcoming the pitfalls that prevent you from realizing your true potential, this collection illustrates how spiritual fulfillment and physical well-being are closely relate.

The Wounded Heart – Hope For Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Dr. Dan B. Allender – Navpress, CO 1990   ISBN 08910-92897
This is an intensely personal and specific look at this most “soul deadening” form of abuse. Dr. Allender’s book reaches deep into the wounded heart of someone you know, exploring the secret lament of the soul damaged by sexual abuse – and laying hold of the hope buried there by the One whose unstained image we all bear.

You Are More Than What You Weigh by Sharon Sward, LPC – Wholesome Publishers, 1995   ISBN 0-9648874-01
A book to help you improve your self-esteem. Practical guides are given of what you can do to be in charge of your life instead of having your weight determining who you are. You will have exercises to help you empower yourself.

You Can Be Happy No Matter What – Five Principles Your Therapist Never Told You by Richard Carlson, Ph.D.-New World Library, CA  1997      ISBN 1-56865-479-0
Dr. Carlson shows us how to be happy now, before we solve our problems. By understanding five principles – Thought, Moods, Separate Realities, Feelings and the Present Moment – we can discover a new mode of living that doesn’t repress natural emotions, yet where feelings and thoughts don’t overwhelm us either.

You Mean I Don’t Have to Feel This Way?: New help for Depression, Anxiety and Addiction by Colette Dowling – Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY 1991   ISBN 0-684-19257-8
Researched study of the newest advance in psychophamacology . It presents state-of-the-art medical treatments, how to get them, and how to evaluate whether your physician or therapist is giving you the proper treatment.


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