Eating Disorder Survivors Wall

The Survivor’s Wall has been created to acknowledge the many people who are fighting to free themselves from their eating disorder and those who have recovered. Each name displayed on this wall represents a very strong and courageous person who is fighting daily to reclaim their life. Unless you have experienced an eating disorder, you can never understand what a person goes through, nor what it takes to recover. Recovery is not an easy road and at times it may feel impossible, but we continue to battle the demon within us because we know that one day we will be free.

Eating Disorder Survivors

It is my hope that this wall can also be a place to help you break free from the shame that you may feel for having an eating disorder. I have spoken with many people who hide their eating disorder from others because they either feel ashamed, guilty or embarrassed for having one. I can honestly tell you that there is NO shame in having an eating disorder. You can display your name on this wall, hold you head up high, and be very proud of yourself, because you are a survivor!

I would like to say a special thank you to Alex for suggesting that I create the Survivor’s Wall. He pointed out to me how important it is to remember the survivors of this terrible illness. I am so glad that he did because he is right. The survivors do need to be acknowledged because it takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength not only to admit to having an eating disorder, but to take the necessary steps in order to recover. I would like to dedicate this wall to all the brave men and women who are fighting to free themselves from their eating disorder and remind everyone that recovery is possible. Follow this link to visit the Survivors Wall.


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Written by: Colleen Thompson